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  • Rebecca Maycock

7 Things We Are Thankful For

This week Cay Marketing turned 1 (one) and it also happens to be Thanksgiving week! So we decided to do a mashup of 7 things we are thankful for:


1. Our Clients

Where would we be without our great clients?... (we don't even want to think about it) We are ever so grateful to our clients who have trusted us along their digital marketing journey, whether it was social media management, sales analysis, or eCommerce integrations. We love you, We have grown with you, We are excited to see what else is in store!

2. The Internet/ New Software

Digital Marketing revolves around the internet and access to the internet (Wifi, Data... Broadband). We are ever grateful for the telecommunication companies that help provide the world with easy access to the internet, social media, and amazing apps. Now, while we have not created any official Cay Marketing software (YET), we are grateful to those who make it a bit easier for us to do our jobs. Any social media or graphic artist has one major company by their side: Adobe ( One of our favorites has been Adobe Spark, it makes creating trendy content easy and fun. We have also enjoyed Shinyapps: (because privacy is super important) and it’s a great way to host information our clients need to access… anytime… anywhere

3. Covid-19

YES…. even though this year has been tough on everyone, it has forced us to think of new, out of the box ideas to share with our clients. It has also caused a lot of people who were scared to enter the digital marketing world, to finally take the plunge and use it as a tool to keep and gain clientele.

4. Our Supporters

Being a group of millennials as entrepreneurs have its challenges, we are thankful for those that support us. We have fans who have grown to be friends through the internet… and very soon we will be able to travel and meet in person (with ease). We also have people who have not yet used our services but are constantly sending those who need them our way! Thank you for trusting us with your referrals.

5. Our Family & Friends

There are times we are working late, take spontaneous business trips, have to adjust plans because we are growing and building what we love. A special thanks to our family and friends for being understanding of our time.

6. Our Potential Clients

To those who are in the onboarding processes or thinking about messaging, we are thankful for you too! Getting a new client and being able to think of new ideas and develop new strategies is what we love to do!

7. Each Other

Teamwork makes the DREAMWORK! We truly can’t do it alone and took the time to say thank you to each other. (Click here to learn about our team:

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