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The Link Up Weekend

01. Overview

The Link Up Weekend specializes in exceptional weekend getaways that seamlessly blend adventure and pure enjoyment around the world.

The Linkup Weekend wanted an easy way to show their events, the site began as one travel destination in 2019 and they grew to 3 (per year) with the help of Cay Marketing. We managed the Google and Social Media ads for pushing the Website. The Linkup Weekend utilizes our general marketing consulting services that allow them to use us for contracts between the resorts and build customer rewards for guests when they come on trip with The Linkup Weekend.

The website now shows the events and trips and allows their clients to book and see itineraries. Cay Marketing routinely maintains the website and in 2023 added an e-commerce element that allows clients to book event tickets directly through the site.

The website still integrates with a travel booking platform called Traveljoy that allows clients to book hotel stays with the group. However, as the group grows the 2024 goal is to fully host this in the website with a custom software.
The number of travels have grown from 100 to 400 to each destination.
Website traffic is consistently over 1,000 per day.
Email lists have grown to a consistent 3,000 subscribers.

02. Services

Branding, Marketing Strategy, Website Development, Advertising, Digital Campaigns, Creative

03. Industry


04. Location

USA, Bahamas

05. Gallery

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