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01. Overview

Perfec-Tone is a unique skincare line that combines efficacious botanicals and cutting edge science to help treat skin issues to perfect and heal skin. Born in The Bahamas, Perfec-Tone features formulas that are designed specifically for melanin rich skin, and comparable to those top dermatologists and aestheticians recommend to their patients and customers.

This client’s objective was to create awareness in the US Market with online sales, while creating better loyalty in the current Bahamian Market. They also branched into a new location in Trinidad & Tobago during the time working with us.

The first step in our strategy was to conduct a thorough analysis of the client's existing social media channels to identify areas for improvement. We examined their social media profiles, content, engagement metrics, and audience demographics as well as targeted demographics for the markets they needed to tap into.

• 12k follower increase in 8 months
• Consistent 3% engagement rate average
• 6 figure to 7 figure increase in online sales to the US Market
• Start of Brand Ambassador Program
• New Product Introduction

Content Strategy:
We created a content strategy that focused on creating engaging and relevant content that resonated with the client's target audience. We used a mix of formats, including videos, photos, and infographics, to keep the content fresh and engaging. We also incorporated user-generated content to increase engagement and social proof. Because of the industry, before and afters and testimonial related content did the best.

Social Media Advertising:
We leveraged social media advertising to increase the client's reach and visibility. We targeted audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors to ensure that the ads reached the right people. We also used retargeting ads to re-engage users who had previously engaged with the client's social media channels.

Influencer Marketing:
We created an entire online competition and requested submissions to “Be The Face” of PT. During this time we leveraged people who submitted to gain user generated content that brought high engagement and reached new audiences. These submissions came in from The Caribbean and the US, however, we handpicked people who reached key markets for us (i.e Trinidad, Bahamas, Jamaica, Atlanta, New York, Florida)

The strategies and tactics outlined above resulted in a significant increase in the client's social media following. Within six months, the client's following increased from 11k to 21k across all social media platforms. The engagement rate also increased, with a higher number of likes, comments, and shares on the client's posts. The client saw an increase in online sales and foot traffic and they were able to not just maintain but grow their customer base during a challenging time for businesses.

• 190% follower increase across Facebook and Instagram Channels
• Highlight: Instagram 11k to 21.5k and Facebook
• Consistent 3% engagement rate average across all channels
• 6 figure to 7 figure increase in online sales to the US Market
• Start of Brand Ambassador Program
• New Product Introduction

We worked with Perfect Tone for 1.5 years (2020 - 2021). before they moved to a larger marketing firm in the United States, since then we worked on several specialty projects (Tiktok development and Youtube Series) with them and kept a good working relationship.

02. Services

Advertising, Branding, Digital Campaigns, Marketing Strategy, Creative, Search Engine Optimization, Analytics

03. Industry

Beauty, Health

04. Location


05. Gallery

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