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Burger and Sushi Koya Bar & Grill

01. Overview

Burger & Sushi Koya (B.A.S.K) is a new Asian Fusion restaurant, now located on East Street South in the Pineapple Plaza. Cay Marketing was the hired company for the launch and branding development process. We now handle all marketing: Facebook, Instagram, website, menu photos, radio ads, commercials and all other marketing materials.

From designing a logo to creating a website and social media presence, the goal is to establish a strong and consistent brand identity across all online platforms. This portfolio write-up will outline the process of developing a client's online brand, from start to finish.

The first step in developing this client's online brand was to understand the client's brand identity. This involved getting to know the client's business, target audience, and unique selling proposition (USP). From here we developed their brand identity that is aligned with the client's values, vision, and mission.

From here we designed the logo and website elements that were brand centric but also user friendly. Everything from the food photography to the descriptions in the menu were developed by the Cay Marketing team. The challenge was dealing with the in-person foot traffic with the ever changing rules and regulation for Covid-19. Yet, the brand has had great success so far and their organic engagement does best with their targeted, young professional marketing on Instagram. BASK is now looking into their second location, just 2 years after opening during the later half of the Covid-19 pandemic.

02. Services

Advertising, Branding, Digital Campaigns, Marketing Strategy, Website Development, Analytics, Search Engine Optimization

03. Industry

Food & Beverage

04. Location


05. Gallery

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